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Is your daughter’s diet increasing her risk for breast cancer?

adolescent diet link to breast cancer

Is your daughter’s favorite meal a nice steak with mashed potatoes? Or is picking up a burger and fries on the way home from sports practice a frequent habit? Or is her idea of fruit and veggies, ketchup and relish? These foods may be tasty – who doesn’t love a nice steak or crispy fries dipped in […]

Make your health your top priority


Most of us tend to take our health for granted until there is a sudden change in it. Rarely do people want to give up their comforting routines unless they have a good reason. Many of the newly diagnosed patients with diabetes I worked with expressed anger over the expectation of changing eating habits, having to exercise, […]

Are you a “carb” ivore?

junk carbs

The saying “everything in moderation” has given our culture an excuse to become “carbivores”, meaning, “over-consumers of junk carbs”.  We don’t think twice about up-sizing or “frapping” that coffee.  I certainly was part of that crowd up until my blood sugars were in the prediabetes range.  The candy stash at work, the donut for breakfast, the chips in […]